Healthy habits for teaching your child



Take care of the education of your child healthy eating habits which much in his life with remembering always that the child will be watching the way you eat, taking into account that the child may consume a lot of empty calories that will contribute only in the acquisition of overweight.
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Make your dining place in your home is the only dining table with non-acceptance of eating at all during a run or while watching TV or sitting in front of the computer. You should be doing to limit the presence of unhealthy foods such as chips inside the house potato chips, ice cream and biscuits.

You must teach your child the importance of evaluating the sense of taste and have adventures with him a little bit in this matter, taking into consideration that if the child eating a wide variety of food it will get the nutrients needed him.

The mother should know that the child may refuse to eat a certain type of food more than a dozen times before they finally accept eating,

so they should not despair. Teach your child the importance of drinking water and how the body needs for water, which is an important element for growth with the need to draw attention to the matter, namely that when the body gets dehydrated, the child will feel a headache and cramps in the muscles and a sense of lethargy.


Types Of Treatment Of Blood Pressure


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Divided into two types of treatment:
The treatment of non-pharmacological: Includes weight reduction for people who have an increased weight, exercise daily movement or sport at least five days a week, limit the intake of salt to food at home or outside the home, stay away from eating canned food containing the food packed and ready, where the amount of salt added high, diet called «Dash DASH DIET» They include a lot of fruits and vegetables and limit the intake of animal fat and replacing it with low-fat dairy or skimmed and also advised to refrain from smoking.

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Medication: This includes taking medicines to reduce the pressure, which can be divided into the following:
– Inhibitors of converting enzyme or anger-tension receptor antagonists and beta blockers or calcium channel blockers or diuretics.

The selection of the appropriate medication depends on several factors, including the presence of other conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, stroke, exposure to previously, in addition to the age of the patient, and the availability of the drug, and the cost of medication.

Studies have shown that eating pressure pills containing two drugs together in one pill are more effective to reduce stress and encourage the patient to continue to take daily treatment of eating more grains separate and many may lead to not eating cereal all day and continuously.

It is known to be taking medication for life, not for a year or two and then stop treatment beyond. We advise the patient and encourage him to constantly measure the pressure at home to get to know the truth and deal with the pressure.

There are some modern treatments of modern methods for the treatment of stress-resistant treatment only, and is still under study, namely:

Induction of arterial pressure receptors in the neck device has not been recognized until now.
Nerve damage to the renal artery high-frequency Renal Sympathetic nerve enervation: Researchers are still awaiting the latest studies are currently under way around it, although it has been recognized in Europe, but it is still under study in America.

About-High Blood Pressure


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The complications of high blood pressure, it is its impact on most of the body, which leads to an increase of stroke and bleeding of the brain, and also the arteries of the heart, and the failure of the heart, in addition to kidney failure, and vascular disease sub, and bleeding eye and visual impairment.

It is possible to limit the spread of these complications if the diagnosis was early and given the necessary treatment at the time.
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* High blood pressure-resistant This label launches on the case of high blood pressure, which remains the highest pressure of 140-90, despite the patient’s eating three or more types of drugs to reduce the pressure on to be a diuretic drugs. This category of patients need to follow a regular at the specialists to check the situation and tests more accessible to find out why and then cured.

There are modern methods for the treatment of this category was newly discovered and is under study.

Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure


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The symptoms of high blood pressure, often there are not any specific symptoms of high blood pressure and it was discovered by accident when measuring blood pressure due to another disease. Sometimes, high pressure leads to a headache behind the head in the morning, and sometimes dizziness and weakness of eye or chest pain, and sometimes suddenly appears in the form of severe complications such as stroke, brain or heart. He therefore called on hypertension «silent killer».
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* Measuring blood pressure depends diagnosed with high blood pressure to learn the history and clinical examination and blood pressure measurement is correct, then to make some simple laboratory tests, such as urinalysis, blood and ECG. The pressure gauge of the most important diagnostic steps, and must be carried out strictly according to the instructions and global.

Among these guidelines: use of supported devices and micro-follow tips such as not smoking and sport before the measurement process, rest for five minutes before measuring, sit on the seat where the man appeared based on the chair, feet on the ground, that the arm is exposed and the size of the palm of the device suitable for the size of the rights, that placed the device and stop the level of the heart, to be taken separate each measurement, not to speak or use the phone during the measurement.

There are three different places to make a pressure gauge, namely: measurement in the clinic or hospital, measurement at home, mobile measurement. Studies have shown that pressure measurements at home and mobile are more accurate prediction of the pressure of complications.

Facts Of High Blood Pressure


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The spread of disease, he added. The prevalence of high blood pressure in adults in the world up to about 40 per cent and leads to about 7.5 million deaths annually, which affects males more than females in the middle age and increasingly prevalent in old age in both sexes, and within the age of 65 years or more increases females more than males.
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The prevalence rate of up to about 25 per cent and also spreads in the Gulf countries to varying degrees. It is expected that the increasingly widespread in the coming years in order to increase the spread of the factors helping to rise, and the most important disorders of obesity, diabetes and high proportion of elderly people, in addition to the changing pattern of life in the region, where increasing binge eating, and at least the level of movement and sport in the community.

There are risk factors for infection of blood pressure, including age, and people with dark skin, in addition to the factor of heredity and the increased weight and eating salt in abundance and lack of daily movement and lack of exercise.

Causes and Symptoms of accepted that high blood pressure is divided into two presidents, namely:
– Type I: High initial pressure, which covers 95 per cent of cases of pressure, and the main reason, is not known precisely, but the presence of genetic factors together with the factors surrounding the human lead to high pressure.

– The second type is the secondary pressure, and includes about 5 per cent, and the reason may be the presence of disorders of the kidney or renal artery, endocrine disorders, taking certain medications, syndrome sleep apnea, and pregnancy.

Important Facts About High Blood Pressure


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The high blood pressure of the biggest risk factors for heart disease and blood vessels, it leads to about 45 per cent of deaths from these diseases, and the spread in all countries of the world, where the statistics indicate that the World Health Organization that there are about a billion people suffer high pressure in the world.

Blood pressure readings on this subject, talk to «health», consultant, Internal Medicine and a specialist blood pressure clinical clinics medical reference in Jeddah, explained at the outset that high blood pressure is defined as the force hanging on the walls of the arteries when the heart contraction, which recorded in the form of two numbers, such as:
120-80 (mm Hg) as symbolized by the first number (top) to the systolic pressure represents the maximum pressure is located on the walls of blood vessels, and symbolizes the second number (bottom) and the diastolic pressure is the lowest pressure when the heart relaxes. And different levels of blood pressure in adults, and is the ideal pressure in humans of about 120-80 mm Hg or less, and the rise to between 120-80 and 139-89 shall be deemed pre-hypertension PRE HYPERTENSION.
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It is noted that the pre-hypertension stage are those whose human-uninfected clicking, but may develop to the stage of the degree of pressure «1» if there is an increase in weight or family history of blood pressure. It does not have to worry or take any drugs, but this stage you need to organize lifestyle.
There are three degrees of high blood pressure, namely:

– The degree of «1»: When the pressure between 140-90 and 159-99.
– The degree of «2»: When pressure rises to between 160-100 and 179-109.
– The degree of «3»: When pressure rises to 180-110 or higher.

Safety Skin By Products


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Strengthen the hair color products
It is not reasonable that the promotion of evaluating the color of your hair by simply using a few drops of shampoo, Article colored it very difficult to match the color of your hair. It is even possible that occurs backfire and bristles color does not suit the color of the dye used by the first.
According to experts Beauty Hollywood starlets, you can enhance the color of dyed hair by reducing the times to use regular shampoo, and the use of dry shampoo more times.
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Slimming Creams
Perhaps most contain caffeine to improve blood flow in the body, may feel that it is working temporarily, but in the long term have no effect. The real solution to the problem of obesity or cellulite topical is the exercise and go to the gym.

Creams used with razor
Although the use of machinery devoted to shave excess hair from the body are not my favorite things, but that some women use it. In this case, we can dispense creams and replace gel or shower gel, and in order to contain a large percentage of glycerin, so it helps the machine sliding on the skin easily, as it cleans and moisturizes at the same time.

Vitamin E capsules
It is common to use the existing oil capsules, vitamin E directly on the skin. However, this is not actually useful; but on the contrary, the preservatives may cause inflammation of the skin or another. The reason is that the antioxidants in these capsules break once exposed to light. So it is better to use creams that contain vitamin because it is irresistible in light.

Protection Of Skin By Products


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There are some materials that contain many benefits for the skin without being aware of its importance, and oats is one of these materials; offering for the skin of many of the aesthetic and health benefits that can be prepared through the masks that the most important:
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TCO through a mask blending six tablespoons of oatmeal and some water, without excessive in it, to get a smooth paste, is a dense, can be applied to the skin and processed quickly.

And you can replace water with milk if you want more nutritious. Leave the mask on your face even after it dries to enhance the effectiveness of, and the use of cold water rinse, and pat your face with a towel to dry.
If your skin is dry, Use the following recipe: Mash the fruit of bananas.

After mixing the two components add some warm milk even get a soft paste. Put them on your face for fifteen minutes at least, and the operation to remove them from your face by hands. After you’re done, wipe dry your face by a towel, and my moisturizing cream on them.

If you suffer from pimples, Use the following recipe: a tablespoon of oatmeal powder and five drops of almond oil and the juice that you get it from half a lemon.
Mix these ingredients, and you’ll get a smooth paste, can be placed on the face and leave it for 20 minutes at least. Wash the mask by cold water. Upon completion of this mask, put moisturizing cream on the skin to avoid the appearance of pimples again.

What is the cracking of a neck?


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“Choose safe alternative to cracking the neck”
“Stop cracking vertebrae high in the neck” This opinion gives the Dutch Association for Manual Therapy (NVMT) its members. The risk of bleeding with such treatment of a jammed neck are tiny, but not be ruled out. The association recommends a safer approach.
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The NVMT gives advice based on international research and following discussions with the Health Care Inspectorate (IGZ). The Inspectorate received last year three reports of patients who had a stroke during treatment by manual therapists. In 2009, one was deceased by manipulating the upper portion of the spine.

Now NVTM takes away the technique, the Inspectorate finds that other practitioners must make to an end. Treatment Soon she is currently engaged in discussions with, among others chiropractors.

NVMT members may comment on the draft report. During the general meeting on 18 November
Pool, president of the NMVT, stressed that manual therapy is safe.
What is the cracking of a neck?

“The treatment appears effective in headaches and neck pain.

A therapist grabs his hands a spinal bite and trying to get. Motion in a joint with a small fast moving, This speed is used to call into muscles, hair and nervous system. Response to Previously applied therapists substantial speed and a great move to, nowadays they choose a small act. Sometimes you hear while a crack, but that is a byproduct. The goal of treatment is to make it. “Poorly moving joints slightly looser

There are a few exceptions and preventive screening for colorectal cancer is one of them


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Useless because there is rarely a disease is found that early diagnosis offers a substantial advantage (even if the claim Pressman copula so). Dangerous because it often risky further research is needed to innocent spots and because people mistakenly start to feel sick.
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And expensive because each scan costs hundreds of dollars and because further research is costly in regular hospitals”
Lode also Wagers, former physician and director of medical dome KNMG, had managed to find. Total-sided and undesirable the impression is given that such research brings to light all sorts of ailments. “That is not so.

If you’re not looking for a targeted disease, such as following a complaint or a particular risk, the chances are that you will find nothing. And if you find something with such a scan afterwards, often turns out to be nothing. “Serious

Like the cardiologist Diagram fears Wagers high costs when the scan is allowed. “People pay the total body scans from his own pocket, but the subsequent trials.”

Missed opportunity
Although I agree with the thrust of the article, completely agree fits any physician or scientist is simply ‘for’ or ‘against’ to explain.

There are a few exceptions and preventive screening for colorectal cancer is one of them.
‘s have a look how to prevent colon cancer is really preventable. Years before it has a chance to emerge. Who would not now want to examine: – the risk of getting this particular malignancy, – at a time when the cause cannot be eliminated simply, – using a method that hardly burdensome?