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Useless because there is rarely a disease is found that early diagnosis offers a substantial advantage (even if the claim Pressman copula so). Dangerous because it often risky further research is needed to innocent spots and because people mistakenly start to feel sick.
Venus Factor

And expensive because each scan costs hundreds of dollars and because further research is costly in regular hospitals”
Lode also Wagers, former physician and director of medical dome KNMG, had managed to find. Total-sided and undesirable the impression is given that such research brings to light all sorts of ailments. “That is not so.

If you’re not looking for a targeted disease, such as following a complaint or a particular risk, the chances are that you will find nothing. And if you find something with such a scan afterwards, often turns out to be nothing. “Serious

Like the cardiologist Diagram fears Wagers high costs when the scan is allowed. “People pay the total body scans from his own pocket, but the subsequent trials.”

Missed opportunity
Although I agree with the thrust of the article, completely agree fits any physician or scientist is simply ‘for’ or ‘against’ to explain.

There are a few exceptions and preventive screening for colorectal cancer is one of them.
‘s have a look how to prevent colon cancer is really preventable. Years before it has a chance to emerge. Who would not now want to examine: – the risk of getting this particular malignancy, – at a time when the cause cannot be eliminated simply, – using a method that hardly burdensome?