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“Choose safe alternative to cracking the neck”
“Stop cracking vertebrae high in the neck” This opinion gives the Dutch Association for Manual Therapy (NVMT) its members. The risk of bleeding with such treatment of a jammed neck are tiny, but not be ruled out. The association recommends a safer approach.
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The NVMT gives advice based on international research and following discussions with the Health Care Inspectorate (IGZ). The Inspectorate received last year three reports of patients who had a stroke during treatment by manual therapists. In 2009, one was deceased by manipulating the upper portion of the spine.

Now NVTM takes away the technique, the Inspectorate finds that other practitioners must make to an end. Treatment Soon she is currently engaged in discussions with, among others chiropractors.

NVMT members may comment on the draft report. During the general meeting on 18 November
Pool, president of the NMVT, stressed that manual therapy is safe.
What is the cracking of a neck?

“The treatment appears effective in headaches and neck pain.

A therapist grabs his hands a spinal bite and trying to get. Motion in a joint with a small fast moving, This speed is used to call into muscles, hair and nervous system. Response to Previously applied therapists substantial speed and a great move to, nowadays they choose a small act. Sometimes you hear while a crack, but that is a byproduct. The goal of treatment is to make it. “Poorly moving joints slightly looser