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The spread of disease, he added. The prevalence of high blood pressure in adults in the world up to about 40 per cent and leads to about 7.5 million deaths annually, which affects males more than females in the middle age and increasingly prevalent in old age in both sexes, and within the age of 65 years or more increases females more than males.
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The prevalence rate of up to about 25 per cent and also spreads in the Gulf countries to varying degrees. It is expected that the increasingly widespread in the coming years in order to increase the spread of the factors helping to rise, and the most important disorders of obesity, diabetes and high proportion of elderly people, in addition to the changing pattern of life in the region, where increasing binge eating, and at least the level of movement and sport in the community.

There are risk factors for infection of blood pressure, including age, and people with dark skin, in addition to the factor of heredity and the increased weight and eating salt in abundance and lack of daily movement and lack of exercise.

Causes and Symptoms of accepted that high blood pressure is divided into two presidents, namely:
– Type I: High initial pressure, which covers 95 per cent of cases of pressure, and the main reason, is not known precisely, but the presence of genetic factors together with the factors surrounding the human lead to high pressure.

– The second type is the secondary pressure, and includes about 5 per cent, and the reason may be the presence of disorders of the kidney or renal artery, endocrine disorders, taking certain medications, syndrome sleep apnea, and pregnancy.