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There are some materials that contain many benefits for the skin without being aware of its importance, and oats is one of these materials; offering for the skin of many of the aesthetic and health benefits that can be prepared through the masks that the most important:
Venus Factor

TCO through a mask blending six tablespoons of oatmeal and some water, without excessive in it, to get a smooth paste, is a dense, can be applied to the skin and processed quickly.

And you can replace water with milk if you want more nutritious. Leave the mask on your face even after it dries to enhance the effectiveness of, and the use of cold water rinse, and pat your face with a towel to dry.
If your skin is dry, Use the following recipe: Mash the fruit of bananas.

After mixing the two components add some warm milk even get a soft paste. Put them on your face for fifteen minutes at least, and the operation to remove them from your face by hands. After you’re done, wipe dry your face by a towel, and my moisturizing cream on them.

If you suffer from pimples, Use the following recipe: a tablespoon of oatmeal powder and five drops of almond oil and the juice that you get it from half a lemon.
Mix these ingredients, and you’ll get a smooth paste, can be placed on the face and leave it for 20 minutes at least. Wash the mask by cold water. Upon completion of this mask, put moisturizing cream on the skin to avoid the appearance of pimples again.