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Strengthen the hair color products
It is not reasonable that the promotion of evaluating the color of your hair by simply using a few drops of shampoo, Article colored it very difficult to match the color of your hair. It is even possible that occurs backfire and bristles color does not suit the color of the dye used by the first.
According to experts Beauty Hollywood starlets, you can enhance the color of dyed hair by reducing the times to use regular shampoo, and the use of dry shampoo more times.
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Slimming Creams
Perhaps most contain caffeine to improve blood flow in the body, may feel that it is working temporarily, but in the long term have no effect. The real solution to the problem of obesity or cellulite topical is the exercise and go to the gym.

Creams used with razor
Although the use of machinery devoted to shave excess hair from the body are not my favorite things, but that some women use it. In this case, we can dispense creams and replace gel or shower gel, and in order to contain a large percentage of glycerin, so it helps the machine sliding on the skin easily, as it cleans and moisturizes at the same time.

Vitamin E capsules
It is common to use the existing oil capsules, vitamin E directly on the skin. However, this is not actually useful; but on the contrary, the preservatives may cause inflammation of the skin or another. The reason is that the antioxidants in these capsules break once exposed to light. So it is better to use creams that contain vitamin because it is irresistible in light.