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The symptoms of high blood pressure, often there are not any specific symptoms of high blood pressure and it was discovered by accident when measuring blood pressure due to another disease. Sometimes, high pressure leads to a headache behind the head in the morning, and sometimes dizziness and weakness of eye or chest pain, and sometimes suddenly appears in the form of severe complications such as stroke, brain or heart. He therefore called on hypertension «silent killer».
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* Measuring blood pressure depends diagnosed with high blood pressure to learn the history and clinical examination and blood pressure measurement is correct, then to make some simple laboratory tests, such as urinalysis, blood and ECG. The pressure gauge of the most important diagnostic steps, and must be carried out strictly according to the instructions and global.

Among these guidelines: use of supported devices and micro-follow tips such as not smoking and sport before the measurement process, rest for five minutes before measuring, sit on the seat where the man appeared based on the chair, feet on the ground, that the arm is exposed and the size of the palm of the device suitable for the size of the rights, that placed the device and stop the level of the heart, to be taken separate each measurement, not to speak or use the phone during the measurement.

There are three different places to make a pressure gauge, namely: measurement in the clinic or hospital, measurement at home, mobile measurement. Studies have shown that pressure measurements at home and mobile are more accurate prediction of the pressure of complications.