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Divided into two types of treatment:
The treatment of non-pharmacological: Includes weight reduction for people who have an increased weight, exercise daily movement or sport at least five days a week, limit the intake of salt to food at home or outside the home, stay away from eating canned food containing the food packed and ready, where the amount of salt added high, diet called «Dash DASH DIET» They include a lot of fruits and vegetables and limit the intake of animal fat and replacing it with low-fat dairy or skimmed and also advised to refrain from smoking.

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Medication: This includes taking medicines to reduce the pressure, which can be divided into the following:
– Inhibitors of converting enzyme or anger-tension receptor antagonists and beta blockers or calcium channel blockers or diuretics.

The selection of the appropriate medication depends on several factors, including the presence of other conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, stroke, exposure to previously, in addition to the age of the patient, and the availability of the drug, and the cost of medication.

Studies have shown that eating pressure pills containing two drugs together in one pill are more effective to reduce stress and encourage the patient to continue to take daily treatment of eating more grains separate and many may lead to not eating cereal all day and continuously.

It is known to be taking medication for life, not for a year or two and then stop treatment beyond. We advise the patient and encourage him to constantly measure the pressure at home to get to know the truth and deal with the pressure.

There are some modern treatments of modern methods for the treatment of stress-resistant treatment only, and is still under study, namely:

Induction of arterial pressure receptors in the neck device has not been recognized until now.
Nerve damage to the renal artery high-frequency Renal Sympathetic nerve enervation: Researchers are still awaiting the latest studies are currently under way around it, although it has been recognized in Europe, but it is still under study in America.